Think As You Shop!

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Should we be aware of the impact of our shopping decisions?

For instance I am just going to pop out of the office to buy a birthday card. I have a choice of:-

The supermarket
A specialist card chain
A local card and gift shop.

I know which I have chosen but what would you choose?

Let's take another example. I want to buy some new furniture of a well known brand. I respond to an ad that says their prices can't be beaten. I ask about a showroom and they do not have one. I ask about fabric samples and they cannot supply them. "So how can I order" I ask. "Oh just go to a High Street showroom, pretend that you want to buy and note the product codes. Then call us back and we will source it for you at a lower price."

Do I jump at their offer?

Maybe like me you are lucky and can eat just about anything with no obvious problems. However do you ever have to cater for somebody who needs a special diet such as gluten free? It is a real eye opener when you start reading food labels and realise what we are consuming without thinking!

Do you care that many local businesses are likely to have to close? If so support them  by purchasing their goods and services.

Please email us with your thoughts and suggestions

Do you shop for low price or good quality?

What price customer service?

EventsLATEST MARCH 2019 FAB (Fairtrade Association Biggleswade)  and Biggleswade organisation "The Last Straw" are made up of local people who want to encourage consumers to consider the ethical and environmental impacts of their purchasing choices.

They are hosting a  "Think As You Shop" event on Saturday, March 9 from 2pm – 5pm in The Orchard Centre Biggleswade East.  Admission will be free and there will be a variety of stalls and refreshments on sale.